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Tight economy calls for stronger value propositions.

With the current US economy resulting in tighter and tighter budgets, there is an increasing need for businesses to focus on their value propositions.  One of the many benefits of having a business or brand value proposition is that it helps ensure your employees are all working towards very specific goals.  The more precise your value proposition, the easier it is for employees to distinguish between what is worth pursuing and what is better left alone.  It helps them properly spend the budgets they have on initiatives that will support the value proposition and drive business results.  It serves as a constant reminder to ensure what they do ultimately supports the business or brand value proposition.  It is always good to have a strong business or brand value proposition in place.  But with a tighter economy driving down budgets, every initiative needs to be effective and on-point, which is just one of the many benefits of having a strong, clearly articulated value proposition.  Are you or your company using value propositions to help in this economy, and if so, how?

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